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Sometimes paths lead us to familiar destinations. More often they take us on a journey into unknown territory. Along the way we are likely to meet new people and discover new places.

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Innocent beginnings to troubled middle age: Interrail in the press 1972 to 1994

“Male 21 seeks female under 26 as Interrail travel companion.” Surprisingly, this is not a line from the personal columns of a local newspaper or a travel magazine but was published in The Times in July 1992. The confidence of this anonymous young man whom I have named Allan is admirable, especially as he included…

Recording the experiences of UK Interrailers between 1972 and 1996

With Interrail passes in our pockets and packs on our backs, my friend Graeme and I set off to travel around Europe in the autumn of 1985. Apart from purchasing Hungarian visas in advance so we could go behind the Iron Curtain and visit Budapest, the rest of our trip was unplanned. Almost four decades…

Public history project to commemorate the centenary of the Chertsey Town War Memorial

Between June and August 2021, I curated a blog-based public history project chertseywm100.com in partnership with Chertsey Museum to commemorate the centenary of the Chertsey Town War Memorial. The project contributed towards my MA in Public History at Royal Holloway University of London which was awarded with distinction. Although submitted to the university for assessment…

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